Pistol Pete: The First Human Highlight Film

Pistol Pete Maravich

Pistol Pete Maravich

Before Tim Hardaway had perfected the cross-over, before Jason Williams (a.k.a. White Chocolate) threw his off the elbow pass, and even before Magic Johnson would drop his fast break no look dimes, there was Pistol Pete. The original ball handler, passer, and sharp shooter, Pistol Pete amazed crowds with his original style of play. The man could pretty much do everything and still holds the college record for the most points in a season. If you have never seen The Pistol play, here is a chance for you to see one of the most amazing basketball players the game has ever seen:

(Feel free to mute the music…)

If you get an opportunity, read his documentary “The Pistol, The Life of Pete Maravich” It’s an amazing story.