The Inventor of the Wave – Krazy George!


Crazy GeorgeAnother great fan of bay area sports, Krazy George entertained bay area fans for years. He is one of the worlds most famous cheerleaders. He’s also known for being the inventor of the wave that is performed at many sporting events. He started in the bay area and more specifically the college of San Jose State and from there he went on to perform his antics at many other sporting events around the Bay. If you never saw Krazy George or experienced his energy at a sporting event, you really missed out!


49ers Banjo Man – A True Fan


One of the greatest football fans out there. The 49er Banjo Man has been supporting the 49er’s for many years. A true 9er fan as well as a very cool and funny guy if you ever get the chance to see him.

Here is a great clip of the Banjo Man in action:

Go Niners!